Meet the GP with the first medical and wellness practice in Safety Beach

With a stunning backdrop of golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, it’s no wonder the Mornington Peninsula is the ideal place to relax and unwind.  In the heart of Safety Beach where there is a growing residential population and a higher demand for primary healthcare in peak holiday periods Drs Sarah and Rob Jeffs are embarking on an exciting new project to build a new medical and wellness centre to meet the local health needs.

“My husband Rob and I are currently both general practitioners based in Rosebud. We’re originally from the UK, we travelled around Australia when we were younger and loved it. After qualifying and before settling down we decided to enjoy a few more years travelling, our initial two years stay became three, then five and then we realised this is a great place to live, work and raise up our children.  Over the last few years we have taken the commitment of becoming citizens and been planning how to realise our dream of creating a holistic primary care provision. Safety Beach Medical and Wellness Practice is something we are deeply committed to and it’s great to see the idea come to fruition,” says Dr Jeffs.

“Rob and I both studied at the Imperial College, School of Medicine in London before training as general practitioners in the UK. Rob initially specialised in surgery and I have developed a special interest in women’s and family health. Initially we will provide general practice consultations as well as specialists in life style medicine, physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, speech pathology and cardiology as well as women’s health. To compliment clinical recommendations, the practice will run classes on yoga, pilates, hypnobirthing and neonatal exercises among other specialised sessions in a connected studio. The same space will also hold educational events for the public to come and listen to experts speak on various public health issues. We will be bringing in doctors and allied health professionals with other special interests as the practice develops.”

“Our clinic will focus on health and wellbeing, rather than on illness, and we will be taking a holistic approach to guide our patients back to their optimal health. We want to ensure we make the most of the benefits the Australia health care system has to offer for all our patients. The convenience and practicality of having many specialists under the one roof not only reduces the travel time for patients, but may lessen their anxiety about going to the doctors or getting tests if they feel more comfortable with medical experts who know each other and can recommend local services. It will be very community-focused. Through this approach we aim to meet the health needs of the local community with the best possible service.”

Safety Beach Medical and Wellness Practice is now taking registrations for future patients – please follow this link for further information.